5 reasons why you need a beach holiday

Feel the sea breeze on your face. Feel the tingle of salt in your nose and listen to the sound of flocks of seagulls in the distance.

It’s true, the holidays are wonderful. But they can also be focused on something specific and be healing for the soul. We earn the right to take time off and work hard all year round, so the time to travel should be a sacred experience. Among all the options, beach vacations have particular healing powers and a special ability to renew perspective. These are some of the reasons why you should plan your next beach vacation.


Looking at the sea satisfies the soul. The vastness that is appreciated when observing the ocean, normally called “blue space” by psychologists, has the capacity to calm our mind. If you’ve ever sat down to look out over the ocean and felt that your problems seemed to fade away while a sense of peace replaced them, let me tell you that you’re not alone. We are biologically designed to fully experience the beach.


Most of us work in some kind of office with artificial lighting. At least half of us never got to leave the desk for lunch. Draw your own conclusions and you’ll see how alarming they are. We’re talking about a long time without coming in contact with fresh air. If this is your reality, you need to feel the sweet, salty scent, cool breeze and sunshine only experienced when you are on vacation at the beach.


If you’ve been lucky enough to visit a coastal town, you know what I mean. They all wear shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, classic snail necklaces and hats, and enjoy their beach vacations. The smile on the face and the beer in the hand are practically a requirement in these places, where there is always live music and delicious food. Our responsibilities, even the ones we like most, can make life difficult for us very easily. Relax! Life is simple. Let the islanders remind you.


Snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing. I could end this section right here, but there’s more. Our ocean is like a huge playground and is full of amazing beach activities to entertain you. Whether you’re on a romantic Caribbean cruise with your partner or on vacation with your family on land, you’ll agree that water adventures are fabulous and everyone loves them. The beach offers a lot more than the possibility of tanning, reading and taking a nap (although I would say that these reasons alone are enough to not miss the beach).


Although most people say that the beach exhausts them, I maintain the opposite; rather, it gives them the gift of total relaxation. It happens to me that when I come home from the beach and take a shower, I fall asleep practically before I put my head on the pillow. Mmm, that’s nice. This true sense of relaxation allows us to resume our daily lives with a renewed desire to continue to pursue our goals and a clear mind.


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